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For a final project in Fantasy Fiction (check out sf@sf- its a great resource for everything fantasy and sci-fi) I decided to do a timeline. But I couldn't do any ordinary timeline, right? I mean, that would be entirely too easy.

So for your pleasure, and my pain, this is a timeline showing the progression of magical education since A Wizard of Earthsea was published in 1968-- to see if apprenticeships have died in the wake of the magic school phenomenon... or if they're coming back. Or even more interesting, if they never left in the first place.

And even though this is for a class, I plan on working on it for.. well, forever. So any and all feedback is welcome, and appreciated.

Enjoy the journey through time, my weary travelers. Because here... we... go!

Monday, December 15, 2014

1987- Furlong & Wise Child

19 years after A Wizard of Earthsea, Wise Child was published. 

Fyrefly's Book Blog summarizes Wise Child as: 
 "When Wise Child’s grandmother died, there was no one in the small Celtic village to take her in: her mother had abandoned her and her father was frequently gone on long sea voyages. She is taken in by Juniper, who was a friend of her father’s, but is widely feared among the village folk as a witch. Wise Child’s afraid to leave the village and go live with Juniper in her house on the cliff, but under Juniper’s warm and loving care, she soon comes to feel at home. Juniper teaches Wise Child to read, write, tend the herbs in the garden that are used to cure the ill, and the beginnings of her magical lore. However, Wise Child isn’t truly safe, for her mother, the powerful sorceress Maeve, wants to control her, and the village priest is becoming increasingly intolerant of Juniper’s presence. If she ever wants to live safely and happily, Wise Child will first have to determine where her loyalties truly lie."

"While several fairly recent books have depicted magic education taking place in a school, an earlier tradition is that of the apprentice in magic who worked with an accomplished master in what we might today describe as an individual tutorial situation- Pat Pinsent (paragraph 1, Apprenticeship in Magic)

Wise child also illustrates this apprenticeship idea in connection with learning magic. It seems that instead of carrying the idea of magic school forward after the release of Earthsea, the idea of learning from a single mentor was still popular. 

In 1987, it seems that the idea of magic school hasn't evolved very much, and in fact, it seems to have gone back to the apprentice work as a means to education. This might mean that the idea of apprenticeship might not be as old-fashioned as we thought.. or is it?  

So let's bring back our favorite apprentice, shall we?  

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