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For a final project in Fantasy Fiction (check out sf@sf- its a great resource for everything fantasy and sci-fi) I decided to do a timeline. But I couldn't do any ordinary timeline, right? I mean, that would be entirely too easy.

So for your pleasure, and my pain, this is a timeline showing the progression of magical education since A Wizard of Earthsea was published in 1968-- to see if apprenticeships have died in the wake of the magic school phenomenon... or if they're coming back. Or even more interesting, if they never left in the first place.

And even though this is for a class, I plan on working on it for.. well, forever. So any and all feedback is welcome, and appreciated.

Enjoy the journey through time, my weary travelers. Because here... we... go!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

1978- Asprin & Another Fine Myth

Robert Lynn Asprin release Another Fine Myth 10 years after Earthsea

Wikipedia summarizes: 

"Skeeve, a magician's apprentice and wannabe thief from the dimension Klah, tries to learn the basics of magic from Master Magician Garkin for several months but to no avail. Skeeve can do little more than float a feather or light a candle using magic."

Here we have a nice, normal apprenticeship... until the Master dies (it's not too much of a spoiler! One of the summaries I read totally had that in there!) and Skeeve is left with a demon to get revenge... who also kind of ends up being Skeeve's second Master, in a way. 

Sadly, this book focuses more on revenge than the education, but from what we can get out of it, there are a few important details that help this timeline quest. 

First, it seems as though Skeeve wasn't doing too well as an apprentice. As I've looked at in previous posts, this could be due to that whole idea of peers, and how they help you out in learning. 

Or, you know. Skeeve could just be really bad at what he does. 

Either way, the apprenticeship dissolves, leaving Skeeve to navigate the world without all the knowledge he needs to succeed. 

I'm not sure what that says about magic school, but it doesn't seem to be offering glowing praise of apprenticeships, either. 

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